All your social media…

  • …on one screen. Involve colleagues and clients.

  • …anytime, anywhere. In touch with your target audience.

  • …without logging in. Always informed.

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Your corporate identity…

…in every detail.

Like no other, we understand the importance of a recognizable corporate identity. Better yet, we'll incorporate your identity in every detail. If your identity has page curls and drop shadows, then we'll make sure your Social Media Signage will have page curls and drop shadows!

See at a glance…

…what's going on right now.

We don't claim we're passing all data in realtime, but we're getting pretty close. All platforms on your Social Media Signage Dashboard and Feed are updated with a high frequently to show the most current content. What you, your clients and your employees will see is up-to-date content!

Beautiful looking…

…on every device.

You have a smartphone. Naturally. You work with a laptop, a PC or perhaps a tablet. It does not matter. The Social Media Signage Feed is designed so that the display adjusts to your screen. Optimal. Razor sharp. So you are always and everywhere up to date on what is being said about you.

Unique composition…

…of your content.

Your business is unique. You communicate the way you do with your own mix of content. You may also have your own specific requirements. No objection. Every Social Media Signage we put together customized, based on what platform you use. A Social Media Signage is therefore always custom made and as unique as you!

Anytime and anywhere…

…without logging in.

Through the Social Media Signage Feed you follow all your social media anywhere, anytime. In a statement, on a screen - be it a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. And the best part: without logging in! One click and you're there. So even those not-so-social-savvy CEO remains always aware.

Social Media Signage supports the following platforms:

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